The Collapse of Civilization

And because he is president, people who look to the United States as guidance will lose their faith in this country, or worse, believe in him.


I have encountered many optimistic statements concerning Trump’s presidency. Some argue that since the United States has a federal political system with checks and balances, Trump might not be able to make any significant changes in his term. While I appreciate the spirit of viewing this political travesty with as much positive attitude as is physically possible, but I have to differ. Besides bolstered by Congress Republican majority, he is going to appoint a Supreme Court justice, and no less importantly, exert a substantial impact on US culture and the identities of out future generations. And that is what I am worried about.

While Trump has been a deeply divisive force for as long as he has been in his political campaign, anyone with sound judgment will take his word with a grain, nay, 6 pounds of salt. But against all odds he has become president. Those who have opposed him before might be able to hold up their integrity and soundness of mind, but what about those who already support him, or the innocent children who still possess a at least a shred of respect for authority? His presidency means at least 4 years of bullshitting like claiming climate change is a hoax, vaccination causes autism. And because he is president, people who look to the United States as guidance will lose their faith in this country, or worse, believe in him. How many children will die of measles, mumps and rubella because their parents, brainwashed by Trump based on a fraudulent paper retracted years ago, refuse to give them vaccinations? How many countries, following United States’ precedence, will terminate their anti-climate change policies, until in less than 30 years our planet becomes a dump? I don’t even want to mention the kind of hellhole that the marginalized population of this country are going to live in, ethnic minorities, religious minorities, women, LGBTQ community, because of the culture of discrimination propagated by the president himself. And it has already begun.

This generation might survive, because it at least has some part of that cherished value of equality inculcated in the the society thanks to the hundreds of years of sacrifice from people who have fought valiantly, selflessly for that right. But what about the next, which is doomed to live in a culture intrinsically against everything we hold dear, what will they believe in? Is 250 years of progress going to be negated by this ridiculous man who has no grasp of reality except for his own?

God forbid if we have just elected our very own Hitler. Talk about legacy. And for those of you who think that liberals’ intolerance of Trump supporters is against the core value of democracy and freedom of speech, I have one thing to say – if you support Hitler, I can call you Nazi. This is how democracy works. As of now Trump is yet to catch up with Hitler in his atrocities. But I really don’t know how long this will remain to be true.